The robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a small, plump yard bird that prevails throughout Europe and also components of Asia. It has a distinct look, with a brilliant orange-red breast as well as face, a brownish-grey back, as well as a white stubborn belly. The male as well as female robins look alike, but the man has a somewhat brighter breast than the woman.

Robins are typically located in yards, timberlands, parks, and hedgerows. They are particularly fond of areas with dense plants, such as hedges as well as bushes, where they can develop their nests. They are likewise recognized to be rather territorial as well as will certainly defend their selected nesting websites vigorously.

While robins are recognized to construct their nests in a range of places, consisting of in bushes, on the ground, and in gaps in wall surfaces, they are likewise known to utilize bird boxes as nesting sites. The very best type of bird box for robins is an open-fronted one, with a little entryway hole, as well as put in a protected spot amongst plants. Offering a bird box for robins can be an outstanding method to encourage these captivating yard birds to nest in your yard.